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Today, more than ever, contact lenses are the choice for vision correction for a growing number of people around the world. Innovations in contact lens technology mean that contact lenses can now correct astigmatism, replace bifocal glasses and enhance or even change eye color. Advances in product formulations have made lens care quicker and simpler than before, and with the newest generation of single use contact lenses, there's even less cleaning and handling. Today's contact lenses:
  • Are comfortable, convenient, and easy to care for
  • Get you out from behind the eyeglass frame and lens barrier
  • Do not distort objects like glasses can
  • Let you grab the competitive edge in sports
  • Do not fog up or smudge
  • Travel well
  • Complement every fashion style                  

The benefits of wearing contact lenses are many.
For many of you, they will make you look and feel better.
At Optical ETC, all of our Licensed Opticians are Board certified by the National Contact Lens Examiners.
They are trained to fit, fill, and adapt your prescription to fit your eyes. We are an authorized distributor of all of the  contact lens manufacturers and more.

For you
convenience we can ship replacement contact lens to your home or office


Get your replacement contacts thru our On-Line store and shipped directly to your home

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